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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Who Are We

What is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is a therapeutic approach that utilizes ketamine (a physician prescribed anesthetic) to help facilitate the therapeutic process.  KAP Therapists lead clients through a KAP designed protocol, which includes preparation, experiential journey and the integration process of their experience. 

KAP sessions usually last 2hrs to 3hrs. Clients interested in KAP treatment will complete a medical exam with a KAP Physician to determine if KAP services is an appropriate treatment modality for them. 

Individuals who undergo KAP treatment have reported to experience a decrease in negative self-talk, shifts in their life perspectives, relief from everyday stress, increased self-compassion and significant behavior and/or lifestyle changes.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy has also been shown to decrease experiences and feelings of depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Addressing Harm Reduction

Therapists have an ethical duty to try to reduce the risk of harm among clients who are interested in exploring psychedelics and a general duty to attempt to maximize the benefits of therapy. 

A harm reduction approach helps clients understand the potential risks and benefits of psychedelic use, contemplate alternative methods to reach desired goals, develop realistic expectations, and create intentions that help maximize therapeutic benefit of psychedelic use.

Our current KAP protocol requires that all clients interested in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy complete a medical exam with a KAP Physician, who helps you to determine if KAP treatment is right for you.  

Once the client is deemed eligible for KAP treatment via medical exam.  Clients will begin to engage in the KAP protocol of preparation.  During preparation, therapist and client will review the clients mental health and trauma history, identify intentions for treatment and discuss safety and harm reduction in order to prepare for the experiential journey or ketamine assisted session.  After the experiential journey is complete, the therapist and client will work together to help the client integrate the experience into their everyday life.  

Training & Experience

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies MDMA Therapy Training Program

December 2021

Polaris Insight Center Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Experiential Training Program

April 2022

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Client Testimonial

I am so appreciative of my experience.  Fanicy walked me through every step and I  was aware of what to expect.  I felt safe and comfortable throughout the whole process!

Client Testimonial

Please continue to do the work you are doing!!  You are what the community needs!!  Thank you for everything!!  My life is forever changed!

Client Testimonial

I am thankful for the relief that I feel.  I haven't felt this level of peace in a long time.  My anxiety has subsided significantly.  Thank you!!

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