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How does Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy help with Mental Health?

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy has the ability to be an alternative option for many individuals who persistently struggle with severe mental health issues and/or conditions.

As a marriage and family therapist who has worked in a variety of crisis driven, trauma based therapeutic programs for over 10years as a clinician; and 20years as a social service provider, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy appears to be a therapeutic method that has the potential to help individuals with severe trauma based mental health conditions such as, treatment resistant depression, anxiety, ptsd, suicidality, complicated grief and substance abuse experience long term symptom reduction with the potential of experiencing remission of their mental health symptoms and diagnosis.

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy has also been shown to assist individuals undergoing "end of life" care or experiencing chronic illnesses by reducing and/or eliminating their fear of death and dying and strengthening their connection to love, belonging, trust & acceptance.

My goal as a trained psychedelic integration therapist is to help guide individuals to their own compass of inner knowing through preparation, education and integration.

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