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Why did I choose to become a Trauma Therapist?

Sometimes I think things choose us. I've always cared about the emotional and social well being of others, which eventually led me to pursue a degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. I had absolutely no idea that it would lead me in the direction of trauma. My plans were to become a play therapist for children, but the more I learned about the core drivers to emotional, psychological and somatic illness/pain the more I understood about the life long effects of trauma. Trauma can happen to anybody. Trauma does not care about your race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, economic status or age. Trauma doesn't care if you're a nice person or a mean person; rather your moral or immoral. It can happen to anyone, at anytime and any place. Many people experience toxic stress or symptoms of ptsd without realizing what they're experiencing and going through. Depending on the severity of a persons trauma history they can experience flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, fear, depression, forgetfulness, learning deficiencies, grief, regret, shame, embarrassment, hopelessness, helplessness, dissociation, anger and rage just to name a few. These emotional pains affect a persons ability to problem solve and resolve conflicts effectively. Emotional pains can also affect a persons physical health as well. Understanding the root cause to our emotional, psychological and somatic illnesses/pains is truly the first step to healing and recovery. Trauma recovery is not something that happens over night. It takes time, but it can be done. Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others...breathe...and with each new day...begin again.

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